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futurama is one of those shows that lures you in by being funny and then rips your fucking heart out

If you didn’t know the hand was her father, the squid thing her mother, her parents left her at an orphanage when she was a baby but in reality were looking out for her all her life

what makes it even sadder is the reason they left her in an orphanage. they didn’t want her to know she was a mutant. they wanted her to live a normal human life so they gave her up while they live in the sewers as mutants.

now i regret having never watched futurama

One of the many reasons futurama is my favorite show

More specifically, they didn’t want her to know she was a mutant because mutants faced incredible prejudice. Since Leela’s mutation was fairly minor compared to most—she was dubbed “the least mutated mutant ever born”—her parents figured that while she couldn’t pass for human, she could easily pass as a humanoid alien, and left a note with her written in an alien language as “proof”. They wanted to give her a life where she had opportunities and chances to move up in the world and be happy.

And when she does reconnect with them, it just becomes more and more clear that they truly do love her—that all they did was out of pure love for their daughter.

Futurama is fucking wonderful, not just as a comedy, but as a tearjerker.

this show hurts me


The number of displaced persons in Gaza doubled in one day and more than 25,000 Palestinians moved into UNRWA schools only on July 18, 2014. The number of displaced Palestinians seeking shelter in UNRWA schools in Gaza has now equaled the peak number from the 2008/9 conflict, and exceeds 50,000 in 44 schools. UNRWA is now warning that its funds and supplies are running critically low. (

As death toll climbs to 343 on the 12th day of the Israeli assault on Gaza, “at least 73 Palestinian children have been reported killed as a result of airstrikes and shelling Israel aerial, naval and ground forces” UNICEF’s Catherine Weibel told AFP. She said the youngest was reportedly three months old and more than half of the children killed are under the age of 12. (Naming the dead)

Above: Pictures of Palestinians staying at a United Nations-run school in Rafah by Reuters photographer Ibraheem Abu Mustafa on July 19, 2014.

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